Fuck plastic. There’s way too much of it.
Banshee Swim is committed to using and finding ways to produce our swimwear as sustainably as possible. Here are some things we do:
Compostable mailers and “poly” bags: Reuse ‘em, or plant ‘em in your garden after!
Compostable/ plant derived packing tape: because every little bit counts.
Small batch/ minimal quantity swimwear: our styles are produced in minimal quantities to avoid overstock waste, and cut to perfection to avoid fabric scrap waste.
Recycled/ regenerated nylon fabric: YES recycled nylon is better than non-recycled, however, Nylon is essentially a plastic fiber. Meaning every time you wash it, micro plastics can fall from the fabric. I recommend using a GuppyFriend bag to gentle hand wash your garment in.
Fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world. Banshee Swim is committed to having the least harmful impact in swimwear that we possibly can. If you have any sustainable suggestions to share, please email to share.
Did I mention Fuck plastic?


Our Production

Our workshop is woman-owned and 20 minutes from my house (where I hand package your Banshee goodness).
Transparency is everything.  I’m happy to say that we do all of our sampling and production in the same small workshop. The opposite of a giant warehouse: our small workshop uses the least amount of energy. Our team of sewers is small, with no more than 3-5 people working on Banshee at a time. Small exclusive batches are what we’re about. Banshee Swim isn’t for everyone, we will never produce for mass market, as this is the least sustainable option. Buy less, choose well, and be unapologetically bold, Banshee.
Designed and made in Los Angeles with love.